Math Learning:Cat Learner


Math Learning:Cat Learner

Fun Classroom Solver Games

Strong ability of numbers writing. Quick and accurate in answering mathematical questions

Hi, everybody. I’m kitten. You can feed me by answering the cards of mathematical addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
The kitten is hungry, I should do some mathematical exercises.
The kitten is sleepy, so let’s have a rest;

I also want to put on nice hats, glasses, cat’s nest, cat’s shit basin and brightly colored bow tie;

But you need to finish these math algorithms to win these rewards of beautiful decorations.
The specific rules are as follows: mathematical game rules are as follows:
The accumulative answer stage, you need to chant out the result while doing the sums in your head again if you give the wrong answers.

If we successfully pass the cumulative answer stage, we will enter the advanced answer stage.

The advanced answer stage:
It is necessary to complete the mental arithmetic within the specified time;
Keep answering the right questions, you will receive a reward from the kitten.
You will return to the accumulative answer stage if you answer wrongly.
The more questions you insist on, the more cats food you will obtain.


You can practice mathematics at home on our educational APP platform, and our homework can practice your mathematics effectively.

Raise the kittens up and make it beautifully decorated, and then you can take a screenshot of the kittens you raised to record the wonderful moments.

As we continue to practice mental arithmetic on math cards, it can help us remember the basic algorithms deeply in our brain. We can learn math well without online classes and online courses.

This project is a simple application of mathematics education that I plan and develop with my math teacher. I hope adults and children will like it.

If you like this math education app we developed, please give us the highest evaluation, please support us, thank you.
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